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Travel Insurance

Benefits Details $150000
Yes/No Sum Insured Deductible Yes/No
Emergency Medical Expenses Yes 150000 USD 100 Yes
Emergency Medical Evacuation Yes 10000 USD 100 Yes
Repatriation of Mortal Remains Yes 7500 USD 100 Yes
Dental Treatment Expenses Yes 200 USD 50 Yes
Personal Accident Yes 2500 - Yes
Daily Allowance in case of Hospitalisation Yes 25 2 days Yes
Compassionate Visit Yes 1750 - Yes
Loss of Passport and documents Yes 150 USD 50 Yes
Total loss of checked baggage Yes 200 - Yes
Delay of checked baggage Yes 12 hrs USD 100 Yes
Trip Delay Yes 150 6 hrs Yes
Trip Cancellation and Interruption Yes 150 USD 50 Yes
Missed Connection Yes 150 3hrs Yes
Personal Liability Yes 50000 USD 100 Yes
Financial Emergency Assistance Yes 500 - Yes
Hijack Distress Allowance Yes 125 12hrs Yes
Home Fire Insurance – Contents (in INR) Yes 100000 - Yes
Home Burglary Insurance – Contents (in INR) Yes 100000 - Yes
Accidental Death and Permanent Total Disablement – Common carrier Yes 2500 _ Yes
Loss of Deposit or cancellation - Hotel and Airline Yes 250 50 Yes
Overbooked Flight Yes 150 12 hrs Yes
Bail Bond Yes 350 50 Yes
Legal expenses Yes 400 - Yes
Pet Care (in INR) Yes 15000 - Yes
Emergency accommodation Yes 250 100 Yes
Alternate Employee Expenses / Substitute employee Yes 250 100 Yes
Travel Loan Secure Yes 50000 - Yes
Mugging benefits. Yes 10 per day Max 3 days - Yes
Child Escort Yes 250 50 Yes
Bounced Hotel booking Yes 250 50 Yes

Terms & Conditions

  • Policies covering single trips can be issued upto single trip not exceeding 180 days
  • The insured should be an Indian Resident and upto the age of 70 years of age and should hold a valid bank account in India
  • The Policy start date shall be on or before trip start date
  • The insurance cover will be valid from the residence of the Insured Person to out of the Republic of India and back to the residence of the Insured Person, the details of which are specified in the Certificate of Insurance
  • Extension of the Period of Insurance of the Policy during the duration of the trip can be done only at the sole discretion of the Company depending upon the risk factors.
  • If the Insured /Insured Person does not declare the full current facts or declare wrong facts while requesting for extension of the Policy, any extension of such a Policy if granted shall be deemed to be -invalid.
  • No refund of premium will be given in case of extensions so invalidated. The Company will also not be liable to pay any claim filed under the extended Policy.
  • Deductible will be charged for each separate incident reported for claims payment, even though the claim may be registered under the same benefit more than once
  • Policy to be issued to the customers who is the citizen of republic of India and having permanent place of residence in India
  • Not applicable if insured is traveling to places like Mansarovar / Amarnath / Badrinath.
  • No Cancellation is allowed post trip start date
  • The premium charged shall be based on the number of man days insured in each category at the commencement of the Policy Period
  • Claim Procedure – The procedure to be followed by the Insured / Insured person in case of any event that may give rise to a claim under this Policy, the claim documentation required to be submitted by the Insured /Insured Person at the time lodging claims as well as the claim settlement process are enumerated in the enclosed Claim Procedure attached to this Policy. Any failure on the part of the Insured / Insured Person in complying with the procedure or submission of required documents in support of his/her claim may prejudice the claim of the Insured/Insured Person
  • Subject to the terms, conditions and exclusions of the traveller Insurance Policy(Group)